Osteoarthritis in several joints

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I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in several joints, would this be classed as a disability as it is now causing me to have issues at work.


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    Hello Susie107

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    There are lots of lovely people here with a wide range of experiences with arthritis and the problems of living with the condition. Just join in wherever you like you will be made very welcome.

    I look forward to seeing you posting on the boards.

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    Hello Susie107 and welcome from me too :)

    Arthritis can certainly cause disabilities but, as you have posted this on the benefits and Working Matters forum, I'm guessing you want to know how to continue working with it and / or if you'd be entitled to any benefits. I suggest your first step might be to ask to see an Occupational Health person at work. They have helped many people on here to adapt better, and more comfortably, to their workplaces.

    You could also have a look here https://www.gov.uk/benefits-calculators

    And, if you like, wander over to the Living With Arthritis forum for a natter :D
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    I can't give a definite answer. Why don't you go onto the DWP website and download the criteria for claiming PIP? As you look through the criteria you score yourself as to what you find difficult, impossible or you need help, to do. That should tell you whether you are eligible for PIP.

    As to being classified 'disabled' if you look up the Equality Act (used to be the Disability Discrimination Act' but this has all merged into one, this may help you to assess.

    Or alternatively, give the helplines a ring here as they'll be able to guide you to make a decision.

    Importantly - talk to your supervisor/line manager at work. Until you tell them you have a possible (or confirmed disability) they do not know. You need this recording on your personnel records if you class yourself as disabled. You then have the right to have 'reasonable adjustments' in place.

    I am classed as disabled as I have severe joint issues (osteo arthritis) with both knees, my left ankle and my lumbar spine. I am in pain all the time and my mobility is severely limited. I cannnot walk without pain, and I use elbow crutches to mobilise with. I have had these issues for a number of years, and I don't expect them to improve. I struggle to carry out daily tasks, am unable to socialise and have had to make quite life changing adaptations to what I do and how I do it. I now live in a bungalow, drive an automatic car.

    I use the lift at work, and have specialist equipment so that I can do my job. I have reasonable adjustments in place and my disability related sick leave is counted separate to if I have time off for, say, a stomach bug or flu.

    I am now internet shopping as I can no longer manage to shop myself. I cannot climb stairs due to pain in my joints.

    Sorry can't be more specific but I'm not qualified to give you a specific answer. You may also wish to consult with your GP to see what s/he thinks.

    Good luck, I hope you get this issue resolved.

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    Hello Susie and welcome to the forum
    I suppose it depends on how the arthritis effects your every day living and working, if you look through working matters, you might find some answers ..and I see that Grace has given you lots of advice..hope it all works out at work..
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    Thank you for your help I am going to speak to my doctor on Wednesday for her advice x
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    I hope it goes well. Please drop by and let us know how you get on :)
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