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Hello all
I'm glad to have somewhere like this to gain advice and support so thank you.
I have posted on here a few years ago but haven't since.

I am having a lot of problems at the moment and would really apriciate some direction.This weekend has been the straw that broke the camels back and i can't keep going as i am.
Please bare with me if i say the same things twice i get confused easily.
I am 51 years old,
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, an under active thyroid (was over-active for 25 years before they ill advised me have a total thyroidectomy) that brought a whole host of problems and in my opinion set the RA off and have recently had Breast cancer (April 2014) for which i had surgery and 15 courses of radiotherapy.

My RA started in my left hand thumb joint so bad they operated now cant use it, my middle finger on the same hand is 3x the size it should be and nothing helps it so now i cant use that either.

My rhumy placed me on methotrexate last year but i only had 8 injections then had to stop it due to the breast cancer (rhumy said i shouldn't have stopped it but i was told by breast surgeon to stop).
At one point i felt like i was running on petrol so many chemicals it was awful, throw stopping HRT for the menopause into that and i was having the most torrid menopause symptoms that i can tell you now HELL does exist.

Anyway i stopped the Methotrexate in june and gradualy after the radiotherapy and menopause settleing slightly i started to do ok, my R/A was painful but settled.
Now tho i am suffering very badly and my RA has spread to other joints, at one time it was just my hands and shoulders now its in my right foot too and im finding walking excrutiating.
I work part time 20 hours but am finding it too difficult to carry on, my employers will give me a less strenuous job (i only work on a till 4 hours a day now) they have offered me to sit 4 hours a day in a fitting room but sitting or standing makes no odds im in agony.

I have now been told i have to restart the methotrexate injections this week which im happy to do, altho i felt the last 8 i took last year did absolutly nothing for me, a friend has said its a miracle drug for her and i need to be on it for at least 12 injections to feel any benefit so im willing to try again.

My point now is this, i would like to stop work as this is the one things thats driving me crazy with pain, swapping to sitting wont solve the problem because it wont be sitting as they promise it will be just do this or just do that move this or carry that etc etc.
How do i go about stopping work? would i be able to claim benefits (i have a partner who works full time) my doctors are quite good (rhumy is rubbish)
Do i first need my doctor to sine me off would i then only get SSP i dont get Company sick pay, or can i just leave work and claim straight away?
I can't carry on, i'm in agony, my quality of life is poor, my eyes are even hurting.

I'm one of those people who normally soldiers on but i feel i can't do that anymore.



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    Hello Sharon. I'm sorry you've had such a rough ride and well done you for persevering both with all the health problems and with work too. That says a lot for your determination and mental stamina.

    I've had RA since I was 15 (I'm 68 now) and I also had breast cancer and a mastectomy in my late forties / early fifties. (So long ago I can't remember :roll: )

    It's true that meth – or any other DMARD – requires time and patience (Not easy :roll: ) to do its stuff. Perhaps your rheumatologist would give you a steroid jab to help in the meantime.

    I'm afraid I don't know anything about benefits. I suggest you contact our Helpline people and / or CAB. Plus you might find these helpful.



    Good luck :)
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    Hello Sharon
    I am so sorry you have had all this thrown at you, I bet you dont know which way to turn and I take my hat off to you going to work, but suppose needs must, I am sorry I don know much about benefits I was retired when mine hit thank goodness..I would certainly ask to talk to your GP and see if they can advise..and also read out working matters sections..and if you put a post in living with Arthritis,,someone might be able to offer more help..I do wish you well with the meds ..people are so different on them and some have to have more than one side by side...
    you take care and you no were we are if you need to talk more..x