Had my X-ray report explained- Need advice please

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Hi all,

I had my Drs app on Fri where the GP explained the X-ray report for me, here goes...

I have a supine demostrating T1-L3 supine films underestimate any scoliosis. There is a double curve scoliosis affecting the thoracic and lumbar spines. The upper curve is concave to the right centered on T10 has a cobb angle of 47 degrees. There is vertebral rotation to the right in the apex of the curve with large bridging osteophytes due to secondary degenerative change ( the osteoarthritis) There is no evidence of congenital variation. The lower curve which is centered on L3 and concave to the left is only partially demonstrated.

Goobledy gook! As far as I understand it my upper curve has in the last 8 years changed from a minor curve, to what is now described as a severe curve, which in turn has caused the spine under neath this area to degenerate. I am mostly worried that my Dr didn't really seem to know or understand what was happening ( her words), I'm concerned that my back has changed so much in the last 8 years( that's when I last had an X-Ray) and that it should be regularly monitored. The Dr however said she might refer me to an consultant if her colleagues think she needs to. The Xray also high lighted that I now have a second curve forming further down the spine :? Am I being neurotic thinking this needs to be monitored?

Thanks for reading, if you can shed any light on the jargon above it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

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    He explained the x-ray :shock: Really :o My idea of an explanation would be a translation from Medic into English. I don't think that happened.

    Seriously, we're none of us qualified to interpret that. Doc's have about 6 years learning the language. I think you need to go back to her and ask what it means in layman's terms. Or, if you don't have much faith in her, try someone else in the practice.

    Do you need regular x-rays? That would be another question to ask. If you want to know what's happening then maybe so but will it make any difference to anything - probably not.

    I don't think you're being at all neurotic - just a tad worried (understandably) and anxious to do all you can to prevent further deterioration. That seems sensible to me and, in my experience, GPs like patients who are willing to co-operate and share responsibility for their own problems.

    I wish you luck.
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