Happy International Bagpipe Day!

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Today bears that august title - I could not resist! DD

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  • mamasmurf
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    Phew , nearly missed this ! Off to spend the morning with friends later so will try and borrow some bagpipes to entertain them with . Why do we never get invited a second time ? !
  • stickywicket
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    I've never quite understood why so many countries wished to claim bagpipes were invented by them.

    I love music. I don't love bagpipes.
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  • theresak
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    My husband and all his family are very good Northumbrian pipers and my late father-in-law was once asked what is the difference between Scottish bagpipes & Northumbrian pipes. With a very straight face he replied, " The Northumbrian pipes are a musical instrument."
  • LignumVitae
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    Please nooooo although I can see the point in having one day a year when they can be played leaving the rest of the year bagpipe free.
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  • Cate
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    There's s a big field behind my house. When we first moved here many moons ago, there was a bloke at the other side of the field who used to stand in his garden every night, in full Scottish regalia, and play the bagpipes for half an hour.

    It was far enough away not to be too much of a nuisance. My boys were very small and got used to going to sleep listening. All the neighbours just took it in their stride, so I never asked questions, but I bet it wouldn't be allowed today....Cate.
  • barbara12
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    never heard of bagpipe day ..I do love Amazing grace .we have an LP of bagpipes if anyone would like to borrow it :lol:
  • applerose
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    I've never heard of bagpipe day. I love bagpipes being Scottish. Can I borrow your LP Barbara please? I've got one too. Maybe we could swap. :lol: