Jigsaw puzzles

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I might be a bit slow off the mark finding these but i now have puzzles on my macbook air and iPad and have spent the afternoon feet up tea and biscuits to hand doing puzzles,they are free to use ,the one on the macbook is called Jigsaws Galore with this one you can alter the size and shape of the pieces,wish i had found these at the beginning of winter .I still have a jigsaw on a board which at this moment is pushed under the sofa it might be there a while. Mig


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    Oooh, I used to love jigsaws, but haven't done one for years, apart from helping our grandsons with theirs.

    When we cleared Dad's house after he died I found my old jigsaw board and brought it home.
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    I, too, loved them as a child and loved helping my sons with them. (I particularly enjoyed the Mr Men ones) but the thought of just poring over them for ages doesn't appeal now., though I've seen the odd one that might tempt me.
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    I love them. I used to have a jigsaw app on a computer or tablet, I must resurrect it! DD
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