R.I.P Terry Pratchett

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Terry Pratchett has died at the age of 66. He has suffered for years with Alzheimers disease. A prolific author and sadly missed.


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    I admit I have never enjoyed his written works because I don't 'do' sci-fi but he was a talented writer and his form of Alzheimers was especially devious. I hope he is now properly at rest and no longer bewildered or confused by a world he once understood. DD
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    Its so sad , I do wounder what has led to his death..he did say that he would go before his mind expired...RIP
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    Yes Babs I'm sure that it could happen to any one of us. I dread losing
    faculties which come with this awful disease. Very sad and it's considered
    a young age today too.
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    Oh no :(

    How very sad and very young - Same age as my own Dad was.

    Thanks Ron

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    We are great fans of Terry Pratchett and have all his books, which we regularly re-read. Part of my run-up to Christmas is to re-read 'Hogfather' and enjoy it all over again. He created wonderful, unforgettable characters and the stories are so very warm, funny and philosophical. I knew he was ill, but didn't think he would die so soon.

    My son met him once at a book-signing. He told Terry Pratchett that the book was a Christmas present for his dad, who was suffering from a bad back at the time. Terry Pratchett told him all about his own back problems and wrote a message in the book to my husband hoping that his back would soon be better.

    He will be sadly missed.

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    Our daughter Toni will be very upset. She is a huge fan of his work. .
    A sad day. .
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    This is a very sad event - the loss of a great mind. I too met the great man once. He was much fun and my dad framed his poster of DEATH on Binky and still has it on his study wall. The inital reports are that he didn't take his own life.
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    My 2 older Daughters love his books. They also had the privelige of meeting him at a book signing.

    He will be missed.

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