can anyone recommend an arthritis friendly torch?

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good evening all,

my grandmother has asked for a torch but the one we tried was too stiff.
does anyone have any recommendations for any torches which are easy to switch on with very poor strength and mobility in the fingers?

we've offered touch lamps, nightlights and many other suggestions but she is adamant that it must be a torch!

many thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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    The choice of kit is as individual as us - what suits one won't suit another. I have tricky fingers every now and again and prefer those that operate with a twisting motion - I can find pressing or sliding buttons too awkward. DD
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    thanks so much but she can't twist sadly. she wants, and i quote here, 'a torch with such an easy switch i could blow on it and it's on'.

    i love her to bits and want to help her, but blimey woman, sometimes i think compromise might be needed! lol

    having very mild arthritis myself i know how individual the condition is, but i was hoping on the off chance that someone may have come across something.
    when you've a 93-yr-old woman in your ear, you'll ask anyone just in case it'll help ;) hehe

    bless her lovely heart!
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    How kind of you to research this for your grandmother but it's such a difficult task as, even though we all have arthritis, we are all different in our disabilities. DD says she finds twisting easier. I don't. I'm rubbish at twisting. (Mind you, I'm not much good at other methods either :lol: .)

    There's nothing to beat going to a store (a disability one would be good) and trying out several different ones. You can see some here but I would say try before you buy.
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    Sorry I may not be much helpful but I do appreciate your kindness and effort to fulfil your granny’s wish. God bless both of you.