Infusions while employed

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I have nearly completed my undergraduate degree and have started looking around for possible employment. However, I am worried as I am on infusions every 4 weeks which including travel takes up most of the day. I am wondering what rights I have in regards to taking time off for this when I am working. Will I have to take these days as holiday? Also, should I discuss this with employers during an interview or after I am employed?



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    Dear Stephibabe2,

    Thanks for your post to Helplines. Generally what you want to tell an employer is your decision, but in law you've got a right to discuss reasonable adjustments to help you - and for that you need to be open with them.

    You might be able to discuss ways of making up the time you lose by attending your rheumatology appointments. Many biologic treatments can be administered at home rather than by infusion at hospital - so in the longer term that might be worth bearing in mind.

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    I hope this is helpful

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