Back Again! Sharps Box Query

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Hello everyone! Hope everyone is as well as they can be!
A question about sharps boxes - every time I try to dispose of a full one no-one will take responsibility for it! I take Meth & Humira & have no problem with the Humira as it is collected & replaced each time I get a delivery. Meth on the other hand - I'm made to feel like a leper and shunted between the pharmacy & the doctor's surgery until one finally gives in & takes it, with bad grace I might add.
I'm in Scotland so I appreciate it may be different down south but does anyone know who is responsible or does it vary?
Thanks, Purple x


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    My meth is delivered by Alcura and the sharps are a faff. They do not deliver or collect them when they deliver, they have to be done separately due to the fear of cross-contamination. I guess the difference is that the meths sharps are cyto-toxic whereas the humira is not. DD
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    I have meth delivered by Health Care at Home, they deliver and collect sharps bins as and when I ask with no problems, and always ask if I need anything else when they arrange a delivery....but maybe I've just been lucky so far as I know some have had problems with HaH. The sharp bins seem to fill very quickly now the injections come as metoject.