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Morning all

I have recently in the last couple of weeks had a rhumatology appointment. this has confirmed suspected (by GP) fibromyalgia and facet joint arthritis for definate. I have pains in other joints too.
I have been on several different medications over the last few years as the pain is not something which has come on recent. I am currently taking gabapentin 1500mg daily, arcoxia 60mg daily, tramadol and oramorph when needed.
However because of the oramorph not lasting very long have been moved over to modified release tramadol (12 hours) which doesnt seem to last long (or work well). I was therefore given a butrans patch 10mcg. This made me very sick indeed. (paramedics out to me at work). However my consultant has put me on the lower dose of butrans to see how I get on. As you can understand from previous experience i am very wary about retrying the patch even though it is a lower dose.

On speaking to consutant this past friday as i rang up for advise because of increasing numbness in leg (who has now brought MRI forward to this wednesday) she has encouraged me to give this another go as she found out i had not used it yet.
Has anyone had any experiences of this med, good or bad that they would be able to share with me. I really feel i should give it another go but understandably very nervous..



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    Hello and welcome from me, too :) I'm afraid I won't be much use to you as I've never taken the strong paindullers. My OA arrived as a result of many years of RA but, luckily, my back's OK more or less.

    I know one or two on here use butrans patches (though I've no idea what strength) and I hope they'll be around soon. Unfortunately, the weekend is often quiet on here.
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    Hello and welcome, though I'm sorry you're having such a tough time. I have RA, but I've never used the patches so can't offer any advice. I am familiar with Tramadol, and have used the slow-release when pain is severe.

    Hopefully after your MRI things may be clearer for you.
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    I have been prescribed ER Tramadol on and off for pain relief. It gives me moderate relief along with some side effects like headache, drowsiness and occasional constipation.

    No experience of patches yet, but I am sure someone with more experience will join discussion soon. What all I read is, they work fine for some time, but obviously, like all other medications, you can sometimes build up a tolerance to them and then require a higher dose. Good luck.

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    Hello vickyb17uk and a warm welcome form me..
    I have a few probs with facet joints..and bulging disc so was put on the butran patches, yes they did make me feel sick for around 2 to 3 days..but that soon ease up and now I don't feel at all sickly but have to keep on top of my bowel movement .. but ok now with the powders I'm on..I see you are on gabapentin..I had mine changed to pregabalin and they work much better for me..hope you can get some help very soon and glad to see you are having an MRI..