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Hi, I was diagnosed with oesteo and inflamatry arthritis 2yrs ago. Was mild but now alot worse. Constant pain/aches/a feeling of sore allover.Do other people feel this? Im about to start on Sulfasalazine. Is anybody else on this? Is it effective and what are the side effects like?


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    Hello Goochie and a warm welcome from me

    I have had OA for over 5years now..but have some other form but they cant make there minds up...
    Has for the pain mine spread quite quickly once it was diagnosed..sorry I cant help with the meds you are on, but put a post in the living with arthritis part of the forum, it has been a bit quiet lately, think spring is on the way... :)
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    Hello Goochie and welcome from me, too. I've also 'done the double' as my RA has led to OA.

    I'm surprised you've not been prescribed a DMARD before now. I take methotrexate, not sulphasalazine, but sulph is a good one which works well for a lot of people. You will need to give it several weeks, though, before you'll know if it's helping. Good luck :D
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    Hello, I have an auto-immune version, in my case psoriatic arthritis (PsA), and sulph was the first drug I was given. I began it in 2002 and the initial side-effect was bruising - to this day I still bruise easily. I have a friend whose PsA is controlled by just four tablets per day but because he was diagnosed far more quickly than me, and he began the med straight away, I think this may account for his success.

    Thirteen years on I am still taking it plus other meds, it hasn't worked miracles for me but it can help. Good luck with it and please let us know how you get on. I wish you well. DD