scared myself today

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I drove over to my friends house today, she's my hairdresser as well and I haven't seen her since Christmas and my grey roots were about 3 inches! It's quite a long drive..about 45 minutes each way and I don't normally drive that far these days. Coming home I fell asleep!!!! It must have been for a very few seconds but I was in the slow lane and I was drifting over to the middle lane when a car in that lane beeped me and I woke up. It obviously scared me half to death and I can only be thankful that the other car alerted me or it could have been horrendous. Luckily I was almost home and I opened all the car windows to try to stop it happening again. I have fibromyalgia and for the last few months I have felt increasingly fatigued and regularly fall asleep when I'm watching tv or being driven in the car. I had asked my GP for blood test to check if there is anything else going on which were taken yesterday. On monday he had to increase my thyroxine to the maximum dose as my thyroid was still under treated so I don't think that's whats causing this tiredness. I am not going to drive again until this is sorted out, it really upsets me not to be independent but I can't risk causing an accident.


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    That must have been terrifying, and almost worse after when you start to have thoughts of what might have been.

    I do hope a solution can be found for you soon, I know how much I missed being able to drive after my neck op last year.
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    I'm not surprised you felt alarmed. What pain relief are you currently taking and at what doses? Quite a few leaflets advise against driving or operating machinery if they are being taken on a regular basis. I'm not surprised that you nod off when doing something sedentary, that's something we can all do because we are not fully engaged with what is happening around us. When driving I take a bottle of water with me, have the radio on (Radio4 so I can learn stuff) and often the AC running to keep me cool: cars can get very stuffy and that can induce drowsiness. DD
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    That would have been terrifying and your decision not to drive again until your meds are a very wise one given the new drug driving legislation laws (See the sticky thread above.)
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    Blimey Bridesmum , I think that is the most frightening thing that could happen to anybody! I think though being upsetting and losing your independence it's the best decision to make. Hope you get your meds sorted soon.
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    Gosh, poor you - what a fright you must have got. I'm so pleased you got home safely, and think you are very wise to wait until things are clearer before driving again.