Bone marrow oedema

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Hello! I've had inflammatory arthritis in my knee for 7 year, and in my hip for just over a year, but I was only properly diagnosed in January 2015 (age 22). Yesterday I recieved the results of my mri which indicates I have inflammation and bone marrow oedema. I know what bone marrow oedema means, but I don't know what it means for me in the future. Does it lead to joint replacements? Is it treatable? I can't find much about it online and my rheumatology appointment isn't for another month. Any info would be great, thanks!


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    Hello Kirsty and a warm welcome for me..
    I have never heard of bone marrow oedema, so wont be much help I'm afraid.. but hopefully someone will be along soon that can help... :)
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    Hello Kirsty, and welcome.

    I'm sorry I can't answer your questions, and hope there is someone who can. Would a visit to your GP help?
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    My GP isn't very clued up on arthritis so I think I might have to wait till my rheumatology appointment next month. Was just hoping to find someone who might have heard of it. Thanks for all your help anyways!
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    Hello, we are many things but fortune telling is not one of our many skills. :wink: I know that the medical term oedema refers to collected watery fluid in various body parts or cavities, and I know where your bone marrow is, but how this will impact on you in both the sort and long-term is way beyond my remit.

    My GP is clued up about my osteoarthritis but leaves dealing with my other one to my rheumatologist, which makes sense to me. Please let us know what your rheumatologist says. I wish you well. DD
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    From what I can see, its simply fluid inside the bone caused by either underlying inflammation or an injury.

    I don't think from what I have read it has any nasty prognosis and can be treated in a number of ways, natural healing process, anti-inflammatories, removed by a needle.....

    Let us know how you get on :) Fingers crossed it heals on its own.
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    I had same finding in my MRI scan. The bone marrow oedema is simply a result of inflammation, active arthritis. I started on anti tnf's and the inflammation and oedema slowly went away. So did the pain it caused. Inflammation makes the body produce fluid in the inflamed tissues, when the inflammation goes away so does the fluid/ oedema. Hope this reassures you.

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