Well done, Arthritis Care!

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I've just got a missive from them (actually a begging letter :lol: ) which is all about children, arthritis and how it affects them physically and emotionally.

I've long felt that everyone should be made more aware of childhood arthritis. Most people, as we on here all know, think arthritis is an old person's disease. Even those who don't, seem mainly to distinguish only between OA and RA. How many people do we get coming on here, newly diagnosed, and saying “I'm only 30, 40 or 50”? They are not just upset: they are bewildered. They feel this is wrong. It must be wrong. People their age don't get arthritis.

Granted, nowadays DMARDS prevent the excesses of joint deformity which used to make us auto-immuners readily identifiable to all and sundry but I guess the downside of that is that the pain, trials and tribulations go entirely unnoticed.

I'm very pleased that AC is trying to redress the balance.

(Mind you, I had to smile at the opening line: “If you didn't know that children get arthritis....” Oh I did :lol: I've been telling people, ever since I was 15, that even babies do. Many don't believe it, though.)


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    We got the letter today, I feel so lucky that I got to my late 50s before arthritis struck..I hope the day is near that they come up with meds that don't have so many side effects.. :)
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    I had an SEN review today for a 7 year old boy with Arthritis and one tomorrow for a 10 year old girl. I know I work in a big school but that's just the juniors. If nothing else it makes adults in school more aware.
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    Like Barbara, I feel lucky I was over 50 when I was diagnosed. The first rheumy I saw told me how I was lucky, as treatment was so much better now.

    I do think it's a very good idea to make people aware that RA can strike at any age. I know someone on another forum whose youngest child, a little girl of four, has not long been diagnosed, and is going to be started on MTX. Naturally, her parents are devastated, and the mother, who has had RA since her teens, is blaming herself. It's such a cruel disease.
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    I agree with the sentiments but how many will actually take the time and trouble to read and respond? I think that one of the more valuable boards on here is My Child has Arthritis but it's ridden with tumbleweed because parents are busy people, and not many take the time to reply to posts (including other parents because they are busy people).

    It's not the children as such who need the support, rather it's their parents because they are dealing with the stresses and strains, the meds and the guilt. Raising awareness is a good thing but I suspect that arthritis will remain an 'older person's' disease due to its ubiquity amongst the older members of society who usually have OA. DD

    PS Today I read a post on Say Hello from someone who was diagnosed aged 20 months, re-defined as having PsA aged 7 and is now 38. Today she had a thumb fusion - I hope you all will join me in wishing her well.

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