Call centre geography lesson

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I've just spent nearly an hour trying to persuade the people on Tescomobile helpline that Anglesey is not in Ireland, neither does it share a border with Ireland. Then a quick geography lesson about Wales being a country not a county! Aaagh!


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    Surely everybody knows that Anglesey is near the Outer Hebrides. :wink: Ye gods, it beggars belief but I am assuming that their call centre is located in the UK. I have had the odd occasion to ring our broadband provider whose call centre is located somewhere on the Indian sub-continent. Neither party can understand the other despite the common language. DD
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    No,' Sayeed ' told me he's in New Delhi! So then I felt guilty about complaining too much in case he got into trouble! I just suggested his bosses should provide extra training to make his life, those of the other two chatters I'd already tried, (and mine in this case) easier.
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    we were asked if Manchester was in London..not really I said..then the reply is it nearby .... :shock: :roll:
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    I had to speak to someone a while ago, about insurance for a stone and thatch cottage - the person on the other end said 'what's stone & thatch?' - and she was supposed to be selling the insurance!