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Hi everyone,
it all started when i was 8 years and n one could tell what it was in my country. i had to travel to Germany in Munich to children hospital. i was luck i was there just before Christmas with 104 Celsius fever. anyway i don't want to boar you all to death with my story :D .i had many wonderful years without arthritis but because i was too ambitious, and stressed out too much with my works and study i got the disease back. around mid 2014 i took part in a futsal tournament (i was still diagnosed in arthritis) and from that time forward i have been having more and more right hip pain. i told my doctor many time abut the hip pain, he gave me a steriods. it did help me some days but not more. in my next appiontment i took X-ray from my hips and showed him (my girlfriend and i decided) and he says " u have a hip degeneration you need to get a surgery". we went to Medanta hospital in India (nearest country to ours) next couple of days after. There i was admitted for week and i was introduced to biological med ACTEMRA (tocilizumab) because my oral meds did not respond as it should have bee, i was also told it is costly med. i am 23, still diagnosed with folic acid, methotrexate, calcirol sachet, fosavance, calcium with vitamin d3 and a biological med ACTEMRA (tocilizumab) to reduce my inflammation. ACTEMRA (tocilizumab) has been much helpful to reduce my pain and inflammation, now i just have hip problem. i need to take 1 doses every 1 st of every month for half a year. I t can help you to control your imflamation and swelling. this 3rd of april i will have my 3rd dose. to have a surgery for my hip i needed to control my RA first. Doctors told me if we were to proceed surgery even having inflammation and swelling there is more chances not to succeed. Life span after the surgery for my hip is 15-20 years and again i need to do surgery. Its a tough life but i have hope even in my worst days. one of my brother was telling me "oh you gonna be Captain america" after i got the biological med HAHAHA.

Do not stress yourself and try do works on your pace. stress and over-estimating you body can make your situation only worst.
Please forgive my grammars.
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    Uzsam13, there is nothing to forgive. Your English is amazingly good given that it's not your first language. You have had a tough life yet you manage to retain a sense of humour and optimism. That is so important.

    I'm no longer young but I was when first diagnosed. There were no 'proper' medicines around then so my arthritis just got worse. I have had both knees and hips replaced but I've been lucky and they work very well.

    Our young people are often busy and not around on here much but one or two post on the Living With Arthritis forum and you'd be most welcome to join us on there. I hope your biological med works well for you.
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    Mate thanks for the warm words ;) very much appreciated. its unfortunate that we bear this kind of disease and its hard to predict what might come next. but anyway there is a wonderful life to live. i wish you all the best for the future mate.

    Love and peace ;)
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    As far as controlling your RA is considered, the combination of Methotrexate and a biologic drug is considered very effective for most RA patients. So hope it does its job well. However, each patient is different, so response time can be unpredictable. Good luck for your hip replacement. I do hope it makes difference to your quality of life.

    Take well care of yourself and stick to regimen as prescribed. Methotrexate is an immunosuppressant so can increase risk of pre or post operative infection.