Time limited PIP

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I know quite a few people have posted about this. I recently was awarded PIP and while happy with what I got, standard rate for daily living, requested a copy of the report for my own information.
It's a lengthy document, mine is 28 pages but towards the end a reccomendation is made about when it would be reasonable to review the claim.
There then is space for a reason for the decision, in my case the reccomendation is to review in 2 years, 6 months, and the justification is
"Her cervical spondylosis is deteriorating and any change, either improvement (with psychiatric help) or deterioration will be in the medium term."

The next question asks if it is "likely the the functional restriction identified in this report will be present at the recommended point of review" and in my cae the answer is "Yes"

So being given a review date doesn't automatically mean there is an assumption that things will get better, it is an acknowledgement that things could get worse.

Hope people find this helpful