Permission to feel slighty smug too

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I was chatting to my daughter yesterday on the phone who was disappointed that my Easter break didn't match up with the oldest Grandson's as she'd been planning to ask me over Monday. I currently live about an hours drive away. We were chatting as you do when she said that she wished I lived closer and then asked me to move closer to her when I retire as then she could just pop in for a coffee and a chat whenever she wanted!

Can't help feeling very lucky that she wants me close and that I must have got something right as a Mother.


  • dreamdaisy
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    I think that's lovely and it must be reassuring for you to know that that could be an option. DD
  • stickywicket
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    Oh definitely granted, Slosh.

    When your kids still want you around as grown-ups you must have done something right.
  • barbara12
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    How lovely slosh, you have every right to feel 2 sons don't live far away ..its nice to have them near.. :D