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Hi folks, has anyone observed headache and extra-drowsiness after vitamin supplements, especially after vitamin B complex and vitamin D? I feel sleepy all the time, even when I get 8 hours good night sleep. There is no major change in schedule or regimen except these supplements and meth. I have been taking vitamin B for premenstrual symptoms and vitamin D for deficiency. Any thought? I am not sure if Meth has anything to do with this. This is not fatigue, just a laziness or lack of wish to move out of bed.



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    As far as I can recall you haven't been taking meth for that long so it probably hasn't yet begun to control the disease. Living with an arthritis of any kind is tiring. I have varying levels of tiredness but even on my better days I have to work harder than others to achieve not very much. DD
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    I think this is one of those 'how long is a piece of string' questions, Anna, in that I believe it's possible for Vit B to cause drowsiness but then we all know that auto-immune arthritis causes fatigue and so can methotrexate. I don't think Vit D is usually regarded as a culprit when taken at the prescribed dose. (I've taken it for some time.)

    In your case, though, it might be worth asking the pharmacist about interactions because I'm sure I read somewhere that folic acid and VitB12 can interact. I seem to remember that you take folic acid daily rather than just once or twice a week. Please ask those in the know. There is a perception that supplements are harmless but that's not always the case.
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    Hello Anna
    I take vit D but not the others, and I haven't noticed any more tiredness than usual..hope you get to the bottom of it,might be worth having a blood test..