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I have had night sweats for ages but last night was worse than ever. I woke up absolutely ringing wet...everywhere but my hands and feet. I dried off and dozed off again eventually, this happened three times. It was the first day off prednisolone which I'd been taking for a weeks trial, do you think there may be a link? For the week I'd been on pred, I'd slept through the night, hadn't fallen asleep during the day or early evening and actually felt that I had some energy. Day one off pred and it was back to fatigue, pain and sleepless nights.


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    I've had these for years, at first I attributed them to the menopause but that's well and truly over. Now I guess it's the combination of my meds and the fibro which provide the trigger. I sleep with a towel wrapped around my pillow and, in the bad old nights, slept on a bath sheet and kept a hand towel by the bed. DD
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    I'm with DD, I'm sure it's a side effect of the many meds we swallow........but what is the alternative> Rampant RA doesn't bear thinking about :oops: . I certainly had horrendous hot sweats during the menopause, but 15 years on I still wake at least 4 times each night so hot I feel as if steam is about to erupt from the top of my head! I've also noticed that if I have to stop the DMARD's when I get a chest infection the night sweats abate...........the 48 hours after my meth injection I'm like a furnace, hubby says it's grand to sleep beside me in the winter, but a nightmare in the summer :shock: . But on the other hand pred keeps me a wake almost 24 hours out of 24, no wins for me.

    Hope your system settles soon, sleepless nights are the pits.

    Deb x