Move over Heston B, you have a rival.

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Forget serving food with clouds, foams and mousses, with its textures and hints, drizzles and raindrops. Go all out and do it the Daisy way - last night's House Special was Lasagne with Dust and Gravel.

Earlier yesterday I dug out my Beige Beauties because both wrists were misbehaving in fine style. Having worn them for part of the afternoon things felt better so I blithely assumed that all would be well in taking the lasagne from the oven and placing it on the side.

I was wrong. I had foolishly put the glass dish on a baking tray (to catch the drips) but halfway to the worktop the tray flexed, my right hand responded with an involuntary movement which put things at the wrong angle and down went the meal. Alas last night's customer was sitting in the same room so there was no chance to scrape and serve. :wink: The dust was present on the cupboard doors (beautifully smeared like a piece of modern art) and the kickboards and the gravel had been brought in by Himself when he arrived home. So, a dinner which could have lasted two meals was binned, I hunted out dome fish fingers for him, hastily served with a rapidly boiled potato and some soggy broccoli. The BBs were donned once again and, after a restless night, are on again. The last thing I need is tea over my keyboard.

If you wish to dine Chez Daisy please ensure your tetanus is up-to-date. DD


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    Hello DD
    yes we will be there it's the nice people that mater not the food.
    you are a good cook.
    joan xx
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    I'm a firm believer in the 5 second rule :wink:

    I did something similar with left over chilli con carne. I was moving the pot to put it into tuppaware (at least 3 more meals worth) and due to my temperamental fingers on my right hand, they just didn't grip and bam. Chilli a la kitchen floor. It wasn't even a bit salvageable. I was gutted.
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    We are all far too clean in this modern world that we live in. We have a little saying here in Kent " a little bit of dirt doesn't hurt". The body needs exposure to germs to help with building up immunity.

    I'm sure it would only have enhanced the flavour, and possibly given it a little more fibre. As we all know, fibre is good for you!

    I hope your wrists are okay.

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    I agree that a little bit of clean dirt is good for one but in my case it's a no-no thanks to the meds. :wink: I applied the 5 second rule today though - I was making meatballs (another attempt at a pasta-based dish) and, on trying to put a completed effort into the bowl I missed and it hit the recently steam-cleaned floor. Seized it almost immediately, rinsed it under the tap and placed with the others.

    The wrists are dreadful - I decided to wash my splints as I had tea with a neighbour and her black Labrador spent a very happy thirty minutes or so licking both of them despite gentle encouragement to leave them alone. :roll: I think it may be time to order a spare pair. To be on the safe side he will be dishing up tonight. DD

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