Happy Birthday to LV's Girls!

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I think I have the date right - unbelievable as it is, the two are two! How time has flown!

LV, I wish your Lovelies a very Happy Birthday and I hope you are all having a splendid time in Cornwall. ((( ))) xxx DD (That's a hug and a kiss for each of you.)



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    2 years old already..bless there cotton socks..and what fun they have been going off LV brilliant post :easter-tug:
    h087.gif xx
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    Happy Birthday
    have a lovely day all of you.
    joan xx
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    Happy birthday girls hope you are all having a great time :easter-tug: :bunny: xxx
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    Happy birthday girls hope you have plenty of jelly and ice-cream.
    :chocolate-bunny: Happy Easter to LV household. X
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    Happy Birthday to LV's girls. :bunny: :bunny:

    Hope the party is a good one. eastern_basket:
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    Happy Birthday, twins - have a lovely time!
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    Hope it's been a day full of fun and frolics.
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    I have DEFINITELY lost a year!!!

    I hope the bubbas had a great day Lignumvitae



    Toni xxx
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    Thank you all and DD for startiong this thread. The girls had a fabulous birthday which included playing on the beach, a tractor ride and looking at some farm animals including a huge shire horse which left them worryingly undaunted by it's size. We are home again now and I am not sure where we will stash the millions of presents we have. They have had so much excitment we still haven't given them their main present from us - a small wooden pram. I think we might wait until the weekend and let the celebrations bubble on for now. I'm also not sure if we will ever get to the end of birthday cakes, we were doing quite well but when we got home my lovely neighbour had made them a beautiful cake and filled the house with balloons so we are now behind on cake eating...must try harder :chocolate-bunny:
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    Hello LV
    What a brilliant Birthday the Girls have had, bet you have had lots of fun watching them.. :easter-tug: has for the cake well we are all free to come and help..and what a lovely neighbour to do bake another one and decorate the house...I would have loved to have seen there face's... :D xx