Confused...or is it just me?

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Went to wash a pair of trousers for the first time.

Symbols for 40° wash, then instructions as follows

Dry clean only
Wash inside out
Wash separately



  • tkachev
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    That is confusing!
    Think anything that mentions dry clean gets put in a hand wash initially just to see if it survives.

  • dreamdaisy
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    I once hand-washed a silk scarf as per the instructions: it was a paisley but ended up a total blur! I also washed a Monsoon dress as per instructions (30 degree machine wash) and it shrank: luckily when I returned it to Monsoon another lady was returning a skirt in the same fabric - they couldn't refuse refunds.

    As for dry cleaning well, so far so good. My washing machines have gently washed cotton-but-nylon-lined coats, silk skirts and trousers without any troubles. I dislike the thought of the chemicals they use in dry cleaning so I always use a gentle wash first. So far, so good. I think dry cleaning may be a con apart from men's suits: they are far more complicated. DD
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    I always handwash/now 30 degree wash too.

    Not paying dry-cleaning charges either!!

    Agreed - the exception is men's suits!!!


    Toni xxx :happye:
  • Slosh
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    Washed them on a cool wash, they were a bit loose anyway so a bit of shrinkage won't go amiss. I think sometimes items are marked as dry clean only as a protection for the manufacturer. It just made me laugh to see such contradictory advice on one label.
  • dreamdaisy
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    My favourite 'instruction' was seen on a bag of peanuts.

    CAUTION: Contents may contain nuts.

    Really? :? DD