Warning from British Lung Foundation.

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For those of us who have lung conditions (Asthma, COPD, Bronchiectasis etc) the British Lung Foundation have issued the following warning:

"Hello everyone, we just wanted to let you know that we’re expecting another period of high air pollution - like the one we saw a couple of weeks ago. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are forecasting large areas of moderate pollution developing across England and Wales during Thursday - and they’ve said air pollution may become high over East Anglia and SE England during Friday.

We don’t want you to just shut yourself indoors though, and knowing in advance means you can plan your days and take some simple steps to minimise the impact of the pollution! For instance, avoiding commuting near main roads or other pollution hotspots during rush hour is preferable if possible - even if you’re in a car, as pollution can still seep in even with the windows wound up. Similarly, exercising in an air-conditioned indoor space is better than exercise near polluted spots or no exercise at all.

Anyone noticing that they are more breathless, or are coughing or wheezing more than normal during periods of high pollution, should contact their GP or the BLF Helpline, on 03000 030 555, rather than assume it will just go away. Anyone experiencing an asthma or COPD attack or otherwise really struggling to breathe should immediately dial 999.

You can monitor the situation on the DEFRA website by following this link: http://uk-air.defra.gov.uk/"


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    Thanks Kath. My youngest Daughter has been struggling. She came home from a walk yesterday struggling.
    She's missed a lot of school with recurring coughs and I did take her to the GP but forgot to ask, as i had intended, if it could be asthma.

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    I needed my inhalers yesterday but whether that was due to the pollution, increasing pollen or my sore throat I don't know. I saw it on the news yesterday but thanks to you, kathleenT, I was already aware! DD
  • barbara12
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    Thnakyou kath, we are making sure our eldest GD takes her inhalers to work...x
  • Kitty
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    It's supposed to improve tomorrow, but best to still take precautions anyway. xx
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    My eyes started watering when out today, not unheard of if irritated or get the sun in etc, but it did seem extreme today & there was a definite hazy look around. Had to go into dr's appt dabbing at my eye with a tissue and assure gp it was not an emotional episode. :roll: Wouldn't surprise me if it was related?
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    That explains why my sister who I staying with me ATM has been puffing away!

    Thank you Kath xxx