Settled in for The Masters Final.

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I am uncomfortably ensconced on the sofa, a large glass of something cold and fizzy to hand (diet tonic water) and waiting to eat the re-hash of last night's curry. I am not that keen about golf, I do not follow it as such but I love this tournament.

It's the setting, the flowers, the sunshine, the gorgeous bridge at the eleventh, the sounds of the birds and the trains that rumble close by. My (massive) fly in the ointment, however, is Peter Aliss. He is golf's equivalent of Blowers. Far too much consumption of port and fruit cake involved for his opinion to count.

I am rooting for Jordan Speith because he has led from the start and not many win from that position. Justin Rose (GB) is currently second but third, and dangerous, is Phil Mickelson. I am not that fond of him. DD


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    Gave up and went to bed at ten - I gather that Speith has been successful so well done to him, that is no small achievement! DD
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    Sorry you had to miss it DD, a few years ago we got complimentary tickets for the open at Lythem st Annes..I thoroughly enjoyed it..these day I couldn't walk the course .... :roll: I like the ones played in America there are some lovely views over the courses...from the settee I must add.. :lol: