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Whilst we are on the hunt for old friends, has anybody heard from the very very lovely NumptyDumpty? Last I heard she was struggling with shoes, especially when the tortoise was using hers as toilets. I miss Numpty and her brilliant humour and amazing ability to cope.
Hey little fighter, things will get brighter


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    Yes Numpty where are you ? and what are you up to ? Mig
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    I think Numpty's still not too good and, like villier (another forum treasure) doesn't like to inflict her problems on others despite the fact that both are always there to support everyone else. Indeed, to read Numpty's posts on Chit Chat, one would think nothing ailed her at all. Her sense of humour is sharp and brilliant amd, yes, I miss her too.
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    Numpty and villier, hellooooooooooo! Thinking of you. xx

    Also, does anyone remember Vonski? I will always remember how kind and welcoming she was when I first joined. I wonder how she is from time to time.
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    I hope that Numpty and Villier get some relief very soon..and you know were we are...xx
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    I've not had the pleasure of either.

    Would really like to tho!

    Could use some cheering up.
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    Thinking of you Numpty and Villier.
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    Hope Numpty & viller are okay.