Off for a couple of days R and R

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Looking forward to going off to my favourite country house hotel for a bit of pampering. Looking forward to some pampering with a couple of spa treatments booked and some lovely food, hopefully starting tomorrow afternoon with a cream tea in the garden.
Kindle well loaded up, petrol in the car, just need to pack tomorrow.

Can't wait


  • theresak
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    I hope you have a lovely break, Slosh, and enjoy the pampering. Put all thoughts of work/meetings out of your head and try to relax.

    If you need help with the cream tea I'm not doing anything tomorrow.....
  • GraceB
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    It sounds absolutely lovely. I truly hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time in an environment where you are able to block out your work challenges and be in good company.

    I do hope if you are having a massage, the masseur is a good looking bloke, with a nice tight squidgy bum! Remember - it doesn't hurt to look and admire! :lol:

    Take care and enjoy.
  • Slosh
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    Thank you both, the work thong has started, not surprisingly to start to bubble up in my mind again so it will be good to get right away. Unfortunately (?) the masseuse is not male, so I'll just have to close my eyes and use my imagination!
  • Megrose489
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    Have a great time, Slosh. Sounds absolutely wonderful.

  • barbara12
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    How lovely slosh, I remember the last time you went and had a nice relaxing make the most of it... :D
  • LignumVitae
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    Have a great time, I think you need and deserve this. I hope it is calming for you and boosts the bits of Slosh that need a boost given all you have been dealing with.
  • Slosh
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    I had a good drive down and I'm now just settling in to my room before having the cream tea I promised myself! I had a lovely welcome too, apparently I am now a "regular".
    The accessible rooms are lovely, huge, with an additional exit to an outside space where you can park and you can either go round to the bar and restaurant that way or through the corridor which has about three doors to open.

    Only decisions I have to make for the next couple of days are what to read next on my kindle and what to eat. Think it's just what I need before going back to work and having to make some decisions.

    Must go, that cream tea is calling me :D