Jaw replacement surgery

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I have searched through the forums but have not found much information. I did google too but frightened myself a bit! My jaw has been very damaged by RA and the maxillofacial specialist suggested that a bilateral jaw replacement may well be in my future. He gave me some details and it's early days but I like to be informed.

Do you have any information that may be of any help to me please?

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    Hi Sophie,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. There have been real developments in this field, so the fact that the jaw can be replaced is really positive. We have some information on maxillofacial pain generally, but for information on the procedure we'd recommend you ask for that from the surgeon themselves.

    But if you'd like us to get you something general on it, just email your details (postal address) to [email protected] and I'll ask our information officer to find something for you. That may take a few days as he's really busy updating fact sheets for the Information Standard.

    And if you'd like to talk about how all this is feeling, you are most welcome to ring us for some support.

    Kind regards
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    Thank you, Guy. I will drop you an email over the weekend.

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