avascular necrosis

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when I was a small child I suffered from perthe`s I recently went to see the physio who told me it is now known as avascular necrosis & surgery is often needed much sooner anyone else had this.
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    If you put 'avascular necrosis' into the pink 'search' box above ( NOT the main search engine) some old threads come up. In addition www.perthes.org.uk has some info.
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    Hi, sticky has already offered some help through that link. I have not much knowledge about Perthe’s disease except that it is a paediatric deformity which causes avascular necrosis of femoral head. This means that the blood supply to the femoral head is disrupted causing some of the bone to die. Hope someone more experienced joins the discussion.
    I just wanted to welcome you on board. Hope you find some useful info here; forum has amazing folks always ready to share their experience, knowledge and advice. See you around.

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    Sorry I cant help Felix, but I do hope you get some answers very soon..