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Well what can I say? When I got to the hospital I only saw the big head consultant in the department no other under assistances. So my heart dropped I asked the nurses if there it was just him in the clinic and they said yes. :( As I have mentioned before I don't have a good relationship with Dr Pxxxx the head consultant.
So had the usual Blood pressure, weight & Wee Wee sample, still on the low side and urine showed protein in it. So went into to see him and he said everything is looking alright and everything he said contradicted what my G.P said. He even said my anaemia was gone which I knew for a fact it wasn't! As soon as I went to speak he cut me short. He said no to trying Methotrexate, as it would thin my bones even more to a fragile level??
I left there feeling totally deflated and not knowing who is right. Even today my head is all over the place and I didn't sleep most of the night. I've arranged a phone consultation with my G.P for Monday to have a chat with her and I know I can't see Dr Pxxxx anymore as he is bad for my health!!! :cry:

Name redacted to ensure professional etiquette & privacy is maintained :)

All best wishes & gentle (((())))
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    Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that. We put so much trust in our consultants, and so much hope in the long awaited appointments. You are at liberty to request a change of consultant, I battled for several months to swap from one who I didn't trust.....his attitude was that as the bloods were ok I was ok.....couldn't have been more wrong, also because he didn't link the immune suppressants with my frequent chest infections I now have permanent lung damage.

    It's worth talking to others about their consultants if you can, and talking to PALs at the hospital you attend, they listened to my concerns, pointed me in the right direction, gave me some helpful advice and then helped me complete the process. I had to get a letter from my GP requesting a change of consultant, it took a few months to complete the whole process, but was absolutely worth it.

    So talk it through with your GP, ask their advice, and if needs be ring PALs for theirs, it's worth fighting for. Good luck with it.

    Deb xx
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    I'm so sorry to hear that you had such an unhelpful consultation today. You must be feeling so drained and frustrated now. I think you are right in planning to speak to your GP, could you be referred to another consultant /ask for a second opinion? Sending you hugs (((())))
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    I`m really sorry you had such an unsatisfactory appointment - you expect the chance to air your concerns/ask your questions, then to be given the brush-off it totally wrong.

    I had to change hospitals to get a good consultant, which means I travel a few more miles, but it is worth it, as I lost all confidence in my original rheumy, and my GP was very supportive, as he felt I was not being given good treatment.

    I hope you can get things sorted - you need someone you can trust.