I managed to go to America without a big flare up! wow!!!!

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Hi Everyone!

Hope you're all well,

Just thought I would share some good news - I managed to travel from London to Arizona and travel from Tucson to Flagstaff, back down to Phoenix and then back to Tucson and fly back and travel back from London to the Black Country and I didn't have a major flare up!!!!!!!!!


This is coming from the person who was in a wheel chair for my last trip to the US and ended up in hospital out there....!!

I was really, really well!!! No wheelchair, no walking stick and just my wrist supports.

(Ok, I was munching tramadol to sleep and taking arcoxia for inflammation and I did have a few times where I thought my wrists were going to pop but what a contrast!!!)

Feeling really positive about it now - even tho I am sat up at 3.30am with chronic back ache I don't care lol!!!

grand canyon was amazing, as was monument valley but the highlight was the Hopi reservation. . . for those who know me on here, it suited me, very hippy and spiritual....

& Sticky if you read this... I never made it to sedona! :( (another reason to go back hey!?) .... I did very well but I slept a lot (I never have good sleep as I wake a lot to turn with the pain but I slept a lot more than my normal 10 hours a day).

Just wanted to share this anyway given that holiday season is coming and I know that so many of us feel like we will never have a trouble free holiday (esp when we have bad experiences) but there are those exceptions to the rule and it does happen :D

Hope you guys had a great easter :)
(I was at the botanic gardens watching hummingbirds) :wink: :bunny:

best wishes,
Charleeh x


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    I'm reading it, charleeh! Om fact, I'm reading it in California and I'm boring everyone with tales of the humming birds which are everywhere round here. I got eyeballed bu one yesterday, just 3" from my face.

    I'm so glad you had a good trip. As you say, Sedona can wait. We'd still like to see Bryce Canyon but, hopefully, there's always another time.
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    What a brilliant post Charleeh ..and what a stunning holiday you had..something dreams are made of...so glad you kept well for it all... :D bet you are now thinking of the next one.x
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    Oooh Charleeh, I can feel the buzz reading your post! I`m so pleased you were able to enjoy the flights and the holiday without a flare rearing its ugly head - hope for the rest of us!!
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    Great news and it sounds like you had a fabulous holiday. I'm so pleased for you.

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