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Hello, my name is Kathy and I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis about a year ago. I have been very lucky so far, adjusting well to meds and coping with creaks and pains quite well. A fortnight ago though I was hit by a virus which reminded me of the glandular fever I had as a teenager (I am 56 now, so some time ago!). It was like being hit by a train, fatigue, headache, sore throat with white patches. It was accompanied by a return to the extreme pain in the joints and wrists which first alerted me to there being a problem before I was diagnosed.
I have done a bit of googling (dangerous, I know) and it seems that there could be link between glandular fever and rheumatoid arthritis. Has anyone else had similar experiences? I would love to hear from you if you can shed any light. Thanks, and have a nice day. :D


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    Hello Kathy and welcome, though I'm sorry you've had to seek us out!

    I'm afraid I can't really advise, as I've never had glandular fever, though I know how very debilitating it is. I don't know if there is a link between the two or not, but I can empathise with the awful fatigue, aching and lack of energy as these are all typical of an RA flare.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.
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    Hello, I have a form of inflammatory arthritis plus osteoarthritis. The meds I take for the former are injected methotrexate, injected humira and tablet sulphasalazine. On the advice of my hospital I stop the first two if I show signs of an infection such as a cough or sore throat: because our immune systems are suppressed we do not produce symptoms until a bug has a good hold on us. The theory behind stopping the meds is that this allows the immune system to fire up and help clear the infection. I am continually tired which I attribute to both forms of the disease, the meds, the pain and poor quality sleep (I am 56 and beginning my 19th year of the disease). I have had glandular fever but that was in my late teens and I cannot remember how it felt. DD
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    Hello Kathyk and a warm welcome form me
    I find this very interesting, I am still trying to get some proper answers after 6 years of OA, and I found out I had some sort of fever,scarlet fever was mentioned when I was in my teens, I'm 64 now so its a long time ago...I honestly think there is not enough research into the cause of all types of stay with us its a very informative and supportive forum
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    It is interesting how many of us have had some kind of virus in our teens. Looking at the internet. I find that there seems to be an acceptance amongst the medics that there is a link. What made me look into it further was the fact that there may be a possibility of inflammatory diseases reactivating the virus. Another joyful aspect of the condition! :x Thanks for your replies and I hope you are all having a good day.
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    Hello and welcome from me too. There are usually two aspects to an autoimmune form of arthritis - the genetic predisposition and the environmental aspect. Currently I don't think anyone knows for sure what form the latter takes. It could be a virus but I doubt there's anyone on the planet who hasn't had a virus in their teens. And many, if not most of us have never had glandular fever.

    I think we can over-rationalise. In my worst days my RA always fired up whenever my temperature rose due to a virus, cold or whatever. You might, at such times, need something extra to control the arthritis.
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    Hello there and welcome from me too :)

    I vividly remember having glandular fever at age 21. If I remember rightly I can remember 3 other people I knew who also had it (not all at the same time). It was awful :(

    Interesting link there I hadn't heard of it.

    Toni xxx