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Good morning all, Please be aware that there is a couple of scams doing the rounds one saying its from paypal saying there is a problem with your account THIS IS NOT GUENUINE do not click on the link,delete the message WITHOUT opening it and then empty your trash and there is a similar one saying its from apple deal with it in the same manner.Both of these if you are not aware look so real.

If you can always log into you accounts yourself ,which is the safest way to check. Mig


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    I'm always getting emails from Paypal. I never click on them as it's not an account that I put any money into. I just use it to donate to charity. So ignore and delete. Good advice mig, thank you for reminding us. :D

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    Thanks MNig
    I'm always getting emails from Paypal and I just delete them then block them.

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    Thank you Mig.

    I did once get a thank you for a transaction over £100 from someone I'd never heard of and for something I didn't purchase. I checked my paypal account independently and did not click on the direct link given. I wonder if I had done so it would have paid out the £100?

    I recently got a phone call and checked the number on google and it was from China! Getting fed up with all this!

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    Shame those who spend hours thinking up these scams don't just get a job!!!

    Thanks for this folks - I think I'm always careful though :)