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Hello Everyone, I have been recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in both my kees and hands and multilevel degenerative disc disease. I am 40 and finding it all a bit scary. I am on morphine, napraxen, amitripyline, methotrexate, hydrocloriquine, and paracetamol to try to control the pain, but it still isn't under control. I have not been on a forum before but thought it was a good place to get information. I am worried about the fact my left leg is heavy and I am struggling to lift it up beyond knee height. Walking/standing is very painful. my left leg also gives way. Is this normal for people with arthritis?


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    Hi Splashley

    Firstly I would like to say welcome to the forum and many thanks for your post.

    It really sounds as if you are going through a tough time, having been recently diagnosed can take time to digest in itself.
    I’m so sorry to hear that regardless of your medications your pain isn’t under control.

    We on the Helplines are not medically trained and are unable to offer individual medical advice, however I can say that everyone is different as are their experiences of pain. I am wondering if you are under a rheumatologist, if so this would be the person to talk about your concerns, or a rheumatology nurse.

    We have a lot of information here, why not give us a call on our Freephone Helplines: 0808 800 4050 (weekdays 10-4) here we can take the time to talk informally and in confidence.
    Or email us at [email protected]

    Best wishes
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    Hi Splashley
    I'm not part of the Helpline Team, just an ordinary Forum member, saying welcome. It tends to get a bit quiet at the weekend but in due course there will be other folks to welcome you and offer support. I have OA rather than RA, but I do know what you mean about your leg giving way as this is something my ankles do - usually when on the stairs which isn't much fun!
    Have a read of posts on Living with Arthritis, you'll find a lot from people with RA.

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