Sherwood Forest

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The Major Oak,estimated to be between 800 -1000 years old.We went for a drive with middle son to see where the wedding is going to be next friday and spent a few hours strolling round the forest poor hubby was absolutely shattered and i wasn't far behind ,we went to a pub for a late lunch/early tea.Glad we didn't go today its pouring down here. Mig


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    hee Mig this takes me back 30 years when we went to see the mighty oak..I don't think it was fenced off then but glad to see they are protecting it..glad you had a good day ..will it be feet up today ..I doubt it knowing you... :)
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    Wow, I've not seen that Mig. I think it is good they are supporting it and not allowing it to collapse. Thanks for sharing it.

    Is that your OH having a rest? :lol:
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    Thanks, mig, for bringing back some happy memories. My younger son has a book on special UK trees and this one is in it. There are some amazing UK trees.

    Enjoy the wedding!
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    What a lovely setting for a wedding.

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    Last time I saw the tree I don't remember it having it's branches supported.

    It really is beautiful :)

    Thanks mig xxx