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Please can I have some advice? I have psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. At 31 with a husband and 6 year old St home, I work 35 hours a week in a bank. I am due to start etanercept once healthcare at home contact me. A friend says even though I work I should be entitled to PIP. Is this true? Xxx


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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I am on the forerunner of PIP, Disabled Living Allowance and yes, you can put in a claim for this because it is a benefit one can claim whilst working. Be prepared for much paperwork and an assessment. :wink: Some are fortunate and it awarded it immediately, others are refused and have to appeal.

    Good luck - if you don't ask you won't receive. DD
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    Thanks Dream daisy. I'm on sick from work at moment and they may look at reducing my hours. Does arthritis class as disability as I may need extra support if work drop my hours xxx
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    Hi yes arthritis is classed as a disability. You should apply for it as you are entitled to it. I applied for dla last October and was awarded this march. My advice would be to get help with the paper work. I went to my citizen advice bureau. Describe your worst days and all the help you get. Good luck x
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    Hi Sara
    When claiming pip it isn't about the name of the condition it's about how the condition affects you, if that makes sense. Ie, I friend has rheumatoid arthritis but is very well controlled by meds so therefore she is not entitled to pip as she does not need any extra support when bathing, walking, cooking etc. My RA is not controlled and I need a lot of support so therefore get dla, soon to be pip.

    When filling in forms, think about the extra support you need due to effects of the arthritis. Ie, early morning stiffness and severe pain leave me unable to..... Without support from others.
    Many people believe they are entitled to certain benefits because they have been diagnosed with an illness or disability (I'm not suggesting you) and fail to understand it's not the condition but how it affects you, how much extra support do you need compared to when you were in good health.
    As the name suggests personal independant payments pip, it is about the help and support you need to gain as much independence as possible.
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck
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    As you are working have you contacted Access to Work? They provide work place assessments and recommend adjustments and equipment which they provide a grant for in most cases. I had one and it was really helpful and made a big difference. You can contact them via Job Centre Plus.
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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    I am working part time, and on high rate of mobility DLA. I have osteo arthritis both knees, lumbar spine, and both ankles.

    Have you asked your employer for reasonable adjustments? Can you access Occupational Health services via your employer? Although Occy Health made recommendations for me when I saw them, they weren't able to enforce those recommendations sadly, so this does depend on you working for an employer who has some understanding and empathy. Sadly, that doesn't always happen.

    Take one step at a time, but above all else, listen to your body. If you need help with anything ask. Have a "slippage list" - put things on there that don't matter, they'll gradually be overtaken by other things and then slip off the bottom, never to be thought of again.

    Keep posting on this forum. I've had tremendous help and support from the wonderful people on here.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Take care,
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    hi im currently self-employed (im a hairdresser, so im on my feet most days) i have not been able to take any client bookings now for several months and if i do i have to sometime rearrange them as my Knees are really bad i have OA in both knees . would i be entitled to PIP ? on my bad days i'm bed bound my husband has to do everything for me such as take the children to school, cook dinner,tea make sure the housework is done etc ... i've only recently been diagnosed and it was only after i had an Arthroscopy and full lateral release on my right knee i am having considerably more bad days than good . i may get one good day ever 3/4 weeks .. thank you for any help and information :)
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    You won't know unless you apply, we cannot tell you if you qualify or not. As the others have said it's not the label, it's how you are affected so answer the form's questions based on a bad day. Be prepared to be refused and to appeal, few applicants from here seem to be awarded it immediately. DD
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    I am dreading my reassessment for pip. I'm on DLA at the moment, I have a ankylosing spondylitis severely. I have been assessed for ESA and deemed on the scrap heap unfit for work without a face to face medical. Some days I deem myself unfit for life, too much pain! The AS affects my whole body from my feet to my neck and so many joints in between, plus my bowel. Not good. I am so worried about this reassessment. Even my brother who is a business owner considers most benefit claimants scroungers. This government has done a really good job vilifying disabled people. I have heard such awful things about the "professionals" doing the assessments, everyone is a malingerer by default. That young Scottish MP said it all in her maiden speech.

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