I started a blog.

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I'm unsure of the rules regarding posting blogs etc but I started one.

I'm sure it probably comes across as a load of sanctimonious c**p but if anyone is interested in reading it this is the link: arthurisnotmyfriend.wordpress.com


  • Turbogran
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    Just looked at your blog Paige and have followed it its good.
    Stay positive always👍xx
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    Quite a lot of people either on here or who have been on here have written blogs and some still do.

    I am sure I'm right that A/C are happy enough with links to blogs being on here.

    Best of luck

    Toni xxx
  • barbara12
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    I think its brilliant , and a good way of getting everything out..and will help other going through the same..you keep it going and I will carry on reading it..x
  • LemonMerigue
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    Thank you!

    I will hopefully be able to keep it updated. I sometimes start these things with the best intentions but then I just forget or life gets in the way. I do think it will help me. If it helps others then that's even better :)
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    I know 'skezier' started a blog and also 'traluvie'. I'm sure there have been others.

    When I was first diagnosed there was no internet and the word 'blog' hadn't been invented :lol: I used to write stuff down though as it helped get it all out of my system.

    Go for it, LemonMerigue. I hope it helps.
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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