The Bradford Fire Disaster

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I had forgotten that it was 30 years ago today until I saw it on the local news. 56 people died in 4 ½ minutes at a football match probably as a result of a discarded cigarette.

I didn't know any of them but two of my then 15 yr old's friends were there, very level-headed brothers, aged 16 and 17, who required counselling for some time afterwards.

On the news, the local radio commentator said he's never been able to listen to his own commentary.

A big, stocky man spoke of being there as a child. “My grandma lifted me over the stand and told me to run.” There was a long, long pause then, quietly, “I never saw her again.”

Isn't it odd how things suddenly hit a nerve you didn't know you had.

R.I.P. the 54 Bradford City and 2 Lincoln City fans.
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    Very, very sad event - to go to a football match and not come home again.

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    It was awful listening to there story today, and you could see them reliving it in there eyes, not to be able to escape the fire because there was no way out....RIP
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    Horrendous, beyond worse nightmares. When people say 'health and safety gone mad' and such like it is events like this that make me wonder whether it has or whether a blanket over cautious approach isn't a bad thing, I bet the chap whose kind and quick thinking Grandmother passed him over the fence wouldn't think so.
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    Being a football fan I watched this unfold on the Television. I remember they suddenly switched over to this match to talk about a fire in the stands.It seemed that there was time to evacuate but many died when they found the exits were locked. I watched it again a couple of years ago and it was even more horrible than I remember. I've also listened to that radio commentary and it really does shock.

    A friend we made in the late 80's says his Grandfather died in the Bradford fire.

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