I am an innocent.

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No, not innocent, an innocent. :wink: I went to my hairdressers this afternoon and, due to stuff which isn't pertinent, decided to park in a different area to the usual and rollate my way there.

I was fearful of being late for the appointment so trundled off as fast as I could but on my leisurely return I passed a large and solid-looking black bin placed close to Beatrice. There was a label which read 'Sharps Only'.

I was aware that I was parked in one of the less desirable areas of town but even so . . . .

I admit I felt a frisson of unease - yes, I inject and have my personal sharps bins but my best guess is that this is for those who inject different things and probably don't . . . . would they bother to use it? I don't think I'll park there again. DD


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    They have sharps bins in the public loo's in Oxford DD, I like you was a bit shocked as I popped in for a pee as I was headed out of the car park on my way to Oxford models and there it was :shock: , its sadly a sign of the times I fear.
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    Hello Mell, long time no hear! It's lovely to see your name again. I told Mr DD about this and he was aware (he works in Social Housing and this is sited in such an area (not his) so I guess he would be). This area of town was on the very fringes of the old 'red light' district (centred on the network of streets round the football ground) but since that has been cleaned up I guess the 'activity' has moved. He advised not to park there again and I don't think I will. I'd rather sit for ages in traffic lights and road works than risk something nasty. Mind you, if my humira bin gets full . . . . . :wink:

    I know that Oxford has a drugs problem and I suppose that many other large cities and bigger towns do too. DD
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    I am sure we will see them soon round here...what is the country coming to..just hope they use them instead of leaving them lying around.. :shock:
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    Good heavens - sign of the times, no doubt. I haven't seen any in Durham, though no doubt there may be one lurking somewhere.
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    :!: :!: :!: :!: :?: :?: :?: What next? Should we be grateful there are bins or sad and furious at what it says about our society? I feel a V Meldrew moment coming on.
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    I suppose it's safety first???

    I'm sure the parents of young children and the owners of dogs and cats would prefer the sharps in there than on the floor :?

    We do live in a pretty dreadful age don't we? :(
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    If it is an area frequented by drug users then I suppose it is an attempt to keep everyone (including the users) safe. Just as long as nobody can stick their hand in the bin of course!