Think I might be losing my mind - amuse me!!

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Hi everyone,

I have suffered with arthritis for 4 years now after being free from it's clutches for 15years :) (I had JIA). The first two years were horrific. The last two were better with the latter being remarkably better :D

Around 5 weeks ago I woke up with a flare. Literally went to bed fine and woke up struggling to move. Then a week later it left as quick as it came. Two weeks ago the same thing happened only it hasn't left :roll:

So I'm stuck lying up bored out of my mind, due to start a new job in 2 weeks my first proper job since I had to go back to uni and retrain because I couldn't continue with my original profession due to this lovely disease and I am freaking out.

So the question is - how do you amuse yourself during a flare in between sleep (like that comes easily :wink: )??


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    I read, listen to music, day dream/ plan and do puzzles, crosswords or sudoku if I am alone. Can a friend come a have a brew with you? Radio and radio plays are also a good way to waste a bit of time.

    Have you contacted your rheumatology team? Maybe they can help you find a way forward and get you into a better place. I know in the past I have been offered a steroid jab or had my meds reviewed when things went as horribly wrong for me as they have done for you. I'm sorry you are in such an awful flare and at such a critical time for you. Arthritis is no respecter of the efforts we make to adjust and live with it.
    Hey little fighter, things will get brighter
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    Yes, I'm with LV. On contacting your helpline.

    I hardly ever flare nowadays, just get better and worse spells. (Thank you, meth and hydroxy.) I know different people use the word differently but when I did flare nothing ever sorted it out other than a change of meds or steroids. In fact, I couldn't even hold a book or newspaper so I've nothing much to suggest other than radio or maybe TV.

    There might well be a connection between the flare and the stress of starting a new job. I think your rheumatology helpline is a must. Which meds are you on?
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    I usually pass the time by watching random things on youtube. It can really help pass the time and help you learn lots of useless but sometimes useful knowledge lol.

    Like the others have said I would personally contact your helpline and let them know. Maybe a steroid jab and possibly a change in medication is needed right now. Especially is you're about to start a new job.
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    Hello Diandra83..this disease is so cruel ,I have a little friend that has JIA..and he is in remission ... I was so pleased for I do feel for you, and hope you can get some help very soon..sooner the better I would say..let us know how you get on..((()))
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    How are things today, Diandra83?
    "The deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain." Kahlil Gibran