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Hi everyone,
The occupational therapist is visiting me next week. I was wanting some advice on what to ask for and what I am entitled to. Does anyone know if it is possible to ask for a adjustable bed etc. I am at my worst in the mornings and find it very hard getting up out of bed. Many thanks


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    All local authorities have their own rules about these things but for something as expensive as an adjustable bed I think the likelihood is you (ie you and your husband / partner) would be means tested. You're more likely to get offered a grab rail or bed rail to help you get up.

    I find OTs really kind, listening and helpful but, for big expenses, you're only likely to get a grant towards it.

    Please let's know how it goes.
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    I have no idea what you may be entitled to but if by an adjustable bed you mean an electric one I reckon that won't be forthcoming - they are very expensive. I was given a raised toilet seat, a board to place across the bath for me to sit on whilst showering and new handrails for both flights of stairs; other stuffI need I provide for myself. I hope they can help you with some useful things. DD
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    Lucy had a second handrail, bath seat, raised loo seat.

    Without a doubt though she will see what she can possibly do to help. OTs are usually extremely helpful :)

    Don't forget help in the kitchen too if you have problems there

    Toni x