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Yes, I have decided - shopping for a wedding outfit is definitely a nightmare. My husband`s niece is getting married in August - her two older sisters both had weddings in the last three years, so I felt I couldn`t recycle the same outfit again.

However, I am not exactly sylph-like. I do have some smart jackets & smart tops, so just wanted a nice, summery skirt to wear with one of them. No such luck. After trying on one dress, in a cubicle, with much difficulty, I was almost at screaming point. I only tried that one on on the premise that if Sunderland could salvage Premiership status by drawing at Arsenal last night, surely I could attempt the impossible too. Well, it was not a good idea. Hubby, of course, was looking at his watch several times a minute and heaving huge sighs as I shuffled amongst the racks of suitable clothes.

I thought of going on another hunt with my sister - bad idea to take hubby along - but I can`t face it. I have smart trousers, smart tops, and smart jackets, so it will have to be a combo of one of those, and to pot with what anyone thinks.

I feel a large G & T coming on later!


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    Ooh I like the last line, Tezz :D

    I think I may qualify to join you.

    I haven't done changing rooms (other than hospital ones with assistance) since about 1970 and I, too, have a family wedding coming up. And this branch of the family have seen both my 'serious' outfits in varied combinations over the last xxx years. In fact, one my reasons for ringing the changes was that I was afraid I'd feature in the photos in the same outfit as that I wore to the bride's first wedding :oops:

    I looked in my wardrobe and found a pair of smart trousers never worn because they tend to drop off me. Today I collected them from the local lady who had, for £8, sewn belt loops on for me. Now if they drop they'll have to take the belt with them :lol: I also have a couple of blouses either of which would do, and a friend has kindly loaned me a matching (more or less) summer jacket. Problem solved.

    Well, I hope so. I've yet to try on the ensemble but I consider I've earned the G&T :D Bottoms up?
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    Hi SW I haven't done changing room s for many years, I tend to shop on the net ..and look for free delivery and returns usually you have to spend so much..other than that I buy what I like and get hubby to return what I don't want ,he is on first name terms with the ladys in BH*and M&* come to that... :lol: good luck...
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    If you already have an outfit that fits and looks lovely I'd definitely consider wearing it again. Maybe a new silk scarf and jewelry to ring the changes would be nice.
    But I buy online and then try them on in the comfort of my home, and send things back (collection from home only) if they don't fit or look nice on me.

    Best wishes
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    Just 2 weeks ago my cousin got married in sherwood forest and he said it was a total casual affair ,so to clarify i phoned him up could i wear my new light blue jeans he said i could wear bib and braces if i wanted ,so i had jeans on with a plain t-shirt but a patterned jacket ,i was totally comfy ,it was a great day as they had hired a cabin in the woods that came with a hot tub and did all their own catering.The only hats in sight were his mum her mum and children wearing robin hood hats. Mig
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    Sounds like a perfect wedding there mig for the happy couple and their guests :)
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    Your cousin should be cloned, mig :D