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Dangerous things especially if, like me, you never bother labelling them.

It was Thursday. Supermarket day. Mr SW's fajitas day. I say Mr SW's because I don't like them. And he doesn't like them cooked the relatively healthy way that I do them. He prefers everything swimming in grease including, when he's finished cooking, the kitchen. I stay well clear.

So, for me, I unearthed what I thought was, on balance, leftover veggie lasagne from the freezer. But it could have been sweet and sour without the rice.

After some defrosting I checked. No sign of any lasagne but plenty of courgettes. It had to be lasagne. I don't use courgettes in sweet and sour.

More defrosting and I tried the taste test but it was still quite frozen and therefore quite tasteless. I decided to go for it. There wasn't much of it so I added lasagne, mushrooms, tomato puree, basil, oregano and cheddar on top. And hoped.

I'd had a rotten afternoon trying on clothes I didn't like for a wedding I didn't want to go to. (Because weddings demand clothes I don't like. Comfy jeans and a shirt are not regarded as acceptable. I must go to such things as 'not me'.)

It was perfect. Wonderful. Full of flavour. And it went beautifully with the glass of red. Or vice versa.

Sometimes things work out :D


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    Oh, I am so ' with you' in the wedding attendance stakes, as shown by my 'Nightmare' post. I don't want to go either - my sister-in-law will tell me to 'just get a new knee like I did.' My knees are one of the few bits that actually work relatively well.

    There are all sorts of dishes lurking in my freezer - so annoying when the labels come off, and the nice bit of smoked haddock you fancy turns out to be mackerel, which you hate, & was bought for hubby, who is sure there is sausage in there somewhere too, though he could be wrong.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it - a nice glass of Rioja soothed my trials & tribulations no end.
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    This is how great chefs are made.. :)
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    There's always the exception that proves the rule, Barbara :wink: