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Hi Guys,

I am not having a good time at the moment, Consultant has changed my Anti Inflam, - I am due to have a MRI - the day after my brothers wedding :-( :roll: :roll:

Just wondered what to expect from it?

my consultant appointment follows a few weeks after xx

I am soooooo sick and tired of being in pain!!!!



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    MRIs are noisy but you will be given protective headphones - some hospitals play music through them or allow you to bring in your own choice. The bed you lie on is hard, you have to keep very still, you are connected to the staff via an intercom and they 'do' you in phases - each phase has a different sound and they keep you informed about what is happening. I have only had my knees done so was fed in as far as my nose - I was advised to bring something to read but because I was too close to the machine I couldn't focus because the book was too near.

    Pain is part-and-parcel of our conditions and yes, it can get one down. Even if the meds and dullers 'work' pain will still be there twanging away because it's only temporarily subdued. It seems outrageous in this day-and-age of medical miracles that we have to live with this type of thing but we do. Pain has a role in the body, it's there to tell us that something is wrong and something has to be sorted so it will go away. For the likes of us, however, it's more complicated. DD
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    Hello Lynnemarie
    I am sorry you are suffering like this, hopefully the MRI will give them some answers then they can help, I have had 3 MRIs and if you don't have any metal on you, sometimes they let you get on dressed , this is much easier..and like DD says they have the headphone to block out the noise ..but it doesn't so be aware it is loud..they usually put something under your knees so that helps if you dont like lying flat, I just try and drift into a daydream about lovely place I have visited...good luck and please let us know how you get on..
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    Hi, sorry you are having a tough time at the moment. I can`t add to what the others have said about the MRI - I tend to go down the `day-dream` route, or remember lines of poetry learned at school in the dim and distant past.

    Hope it goes well, and do enjoy the wedding.