Think I'm starting to get a grip on things

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Well, fingers crossed, but I finally feel that I'm starting to get on top of things at last. I've had three counselling sessions now, and while I sobbed my way through the first, I am now, cautiously, starting to feel a bit better and a bit more like myself. Although it's not CBT talking things through and looking back to things in my past, is really helping and starting to help me develop some coping strategies and see things differently.
I even took a much needed day off sick before half-term and didn't feel guilty about it or apologise for it when I returned.
I also had a bit of a nightmare day, well morning the week before half-term and while I dealt with things I was shattered after, even though I had done everything from the office and for the first time I was actually pleased to think I won't have to deal with things like that much longer.

Still got a new physio appointment to attend and another orths review in July and I'm waiting for my psych appointment, though my GP reckons they will see me at the Access clinic and not want to see me again but it will hopefully get orths off my case!

Enjpying half-term, pottering about, doing a bit of cleaning etc but also not beating myself up when I get tired and need a rest.

I know I will have bad times again and depression and Arthritis can be good friends but I'm enjoying it while it lasts and learning valuable lessons and strategies.


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    Having used a support/counselling service myself in the past I know only too well how much of a difference they can make. I found it so supportive to be reassured that what was happening to me wasn't of my making; it was the systems being worked to in the section that I was in at that time.

    You sound as if you are doing really well. I hope it continues to go well for you.

    Enjoy your half term break; relax and get some well deserved rest.

    Take care,
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    That's so good to hear, Slosh - I'm really pleased the counselling is making a difference. It helped me when I needed it before I took retirement on health grounds.

    Just remember - little steps first : plenty of time yet to take bigger ones. Even the small triumphs count.
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    You sound more positive and less fraught Slosh, and as if things are starting to come together rather than fall apart. The opportunity to speak freely in the counselling sessions has probably been quite a relief I imagine after all the months of having to analyse and screen what you say and do at work. Enjoy your half-term, you certainly deserve a bit of quality time.
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    I think you were always starting to get a grip on things but the 'things' came so suddenly and permanently that there was a lot to get a grip on. Not only that but they brought a trail of other 'knock-on things'.

    I've always felt you were doing a brilliant job of getting your very sensible head round it all, accepting the inevitable and fighting for the 'evitable' at the same time.

    If things now seem a little easier it's no more than you deserve and I hope the calmer waters remain.
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    Thank you all for your kind words, I am having a good week, off to lunch with friends today, and then seeing my daughter and her family on Friday.
    I also had an interesting chat with my head before the end of term when he asked me about how I managed at home and if I had any aids to help. He was genuinely interested and I think it probably made him more understanding of my situation as I don't really talk about things like that or how I'm feeling at work.

    Sun's out so I shall have a read in the garden before going out.
    Hope you all have a good day.
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    :):) It's grand to hear that things are positive Slosh. Enjoy the rest of your half term break.

    Deb xx
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    So pleased that the counselling is making a positive difference for you, Slosh.. Enjoy your half-term.

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    It's good to hear from you, Slosh. I was thinking of you, as it was half term, wondering and hoping that you were resting and enjoying yourself too. I'm pleased to hear the hope in your posts. You've had a lot to face and I'm glad you're beginning to be able to see that you deserve a break (in every sense) and to not beat yourself up for things you cannot control e.g. your health. Take it easy and enjoy the last day tomorrow. :)
  • Slosh
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    Thank you for that kind message. Off to visit my daughter and my grandchildren tomorrow so lots of cuddles to look forward to! Been sensible, pacing myself but have a tidier and cleaner house now.
    Back to reality with a bang on Monday morning with a CP conference though!
    I'm sure I will have more down spells but I'm enjoying feeling more like myself while it lasts.

    Hope things are going well for you and you have recovered now from last week.
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    We all have our down spells and it's hardly surprising considering what we deal with on a day-to-day basis - we learn to appreciate the better times whilst we have them. You have had a great deal to contend with and in such a short space of time - like Sticky I also admire how you have tackled things; it's been a very steep learning curve and you have not only learned about your condition, I think you have also learned more about yourself. DD

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