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hi reflexology is wonderful! Its very helpful for arthritis! Also relaxing as well! Regards Amanda h


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    That's wonderful news, Amanda, and thanks for sharing it. Sometimes little things can make big differences. I hope it continues to do so for you :D
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    Is reflexology done on your feet?

    I think it is. I would love to have a go, but I am seriously ticklish :?

    Amanda I am so pleased it's helping you :)


    Toni xxx
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    Nice to hear it’s working for you, Amanda. I have my appointment in next 2 weeks for my really bothering hands and feet. So this gives me some positive waves :P . It was my rheumy nurse who insisted me to book one, she swears by it as it has brought a lot of change in her quality of life, pain reduction and overall health status. My own research indicates it doesn’t have any effect on inflammation but only a temporary pain relief and relaxation. I also read, you should avoid it during flares, though I am not sure. Anyway, I am not expecting any miraculous results but an improvement in sleep and stress. Hope you continue to get the same benefit throughout!!
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    It is usually done on feet Toni, although I believe some practitioners can use hands instead. I am also very ticklish and did wonder if that would be a problem, but found it wasn't as the contact is a firm pressure. It might be worth discussing if you could have a 'taster' session to see how you get on?
    I had some sessions a good few years ago when my gut problems were making life miserable. It wasn't a cure but several of the most distressing symptoms(such as acute nausea) did ease noticeably, and I also felt less overwhelmed and therefore better able to cope.