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I am new to the group - was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in May 2013 - initially given a depo medrone injection, which helped and then prescribed naproxen, omeprazole and sulphalazine. Worked for 18 months or so, but then swelling and pains in hands came back and had another injections which lasted for a month or so, now pains and swelling coming back. Thoughts of trying a different medication.


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    Hello, and a warm welcome to the Forum, though obviously I'm sorry you're qualified to join us!

    If the sulphasalazine has stopped working, they may try one of the other DMARDs, or throw in another one to help the SLZ along - the thinking these days seems to be that combination therapy often works better at bringing the RA under control.

    It's good you've been given the omeprazole to protect your stomach from the effects of the anti-inflammatory, which can cause problems if taken on its own long-term.

    I hope you can see some improvement soon, if your meds are changed.
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. Any form of auto-immune arthritis (and there are many) is a strong disease and it needs some fairly heavy-weight meds to deal with it. A few can get away with just one medication but you won't find them posting on here because they are doing OK (which must be lovely :wink: ).

    As teresak has pointed out there are a fair few meds there to be tried so don't be surprised if another is added to the sulph etc. My first one was sulph (nineteen years on I am still taking it) and other stuff too. Our diseases are strong and stubborn, sometimes the lesser meds are initially enough (as you have found) but as the disease progresses more 'stuff' is needed to bring things under better control. Are your blood tests reflecting that things need to be altered or added? DD
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    Hello dderby2

    Very nice to meet you though I am sorry you have had to find us :?

    I hope soon that 'they' are able to settle your disease down for you - there are lots of medications they can try.

    Please do come on in and join us we are a friendly group of individuals sharing one thing in common.


    Toni xx
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    Hello dderby2
    And a warm welcome form me, sorry I cant help with your meds but you ask away in LWA and I am sure someone will be able to advise..I do wish you well with whatever you try next...
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    As you mentioned, I indeed agree that combinations, nowadays remains an integral part of RA treatment. Only thing they need to keep in mind that not all the combinations are superior over monotherapy and may, in fact, increase the incidence of adverse events and toxicity. Meth and sulpha is generally considered as a good combination in terms of efficacy, tolerability and few side effects. Many RA patients choose to rely on sulpha since it gives good control on inflammation, pain and swelling. There are different combinations and as this disease is as unique as we individuals, there is no way we come to know our most suitable combination unless we do much trial and error.
    Same applies to steroid injections. In my personal experience, my first steroid injection (Kenalog) was the miracle. The effect kicked in from very next day and lasted for 2 months. My next two injections, took longer to kick in and lasted for shorter period of time, I can’t say whether a different steroid preparation would really make that much of a difference in your pain. Eventually I was put on other drugs as I felt I was no more getting the desired benefit.
    Hope you along with your medical team, soon get a success to control your RA. I wish you well.

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