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Hi all
I have suffered with psoriasis and joint pains for around 5 years.
Around two years ago I got diagnosed as psa by rheum, but he never examined me . Got put on methotrexate . Then meth +sulfasalazine. No improvement . I've never had a flare up ( bar when ive sat awkwardly etc ) . Esr is normal , no outward swelling . Pain has been constant for me . But fatigue let up enough for me to work . I have a full range of movement .

My GP thinks my rheum is naff and wants me to see a specialist. My question is , Is there any way I can know if a med is working when esr is normal, no overt swelling to go by . Has anyone ever had a scan on joints ? I assume my joints must be damaged. My fingers do look slightly different prior to arthrits .

My next step was biologics , but that was put on hold due to nerve problems (which thankfully are looking benign at present ).

Kat x
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?


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    I hope I am not being dim (if I am I apologise) but to me it is unclear whether you are still taking the meth and sulph. If so then the good ESR, the lack of swelling and a good range of movement shows that they are working effectively. I know my triple therapy is working because my bloods are wonderful but my pain is constant as is tiredness - I reckon the latter is caused by the former.

    What kind of specialist is your GP thinking about? DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    There are lots of different scans they could do Kittkat

    Your GP could arrange for some if he/she is unimpressed with rheumatology???

    If there's swelling ultrasound, Xrays will show bone damage, MRIs soft tissue as well etc.

    I hope you get sorted soon


    Toni xxx