Scary dream whille awake

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Hello again.
Just wanted to ask if anyone has dreams when awake? May sound silly but im a bad sleeper in fact i hardly ever sleep. last night though at 3 oclock without fail i woke up sat at.the end of the bed to do exercisers for the stiffness but fell asleep. However i was awake but unable to move or talk, i felt my mouhj chattering but wasnt able to call out for help, it was quite scary but i put it down to being exhausted. Anyway has anyone
had that before?? ?


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    This is a known phenomena, it happens when the body is caught between being sleep and being awake. In some stages of sleep we are effectively paralysed so, should we wake suddenly during that phase, and the brain doesn't keep up then this can happen. It's unsettling for sure but not unknown, and nothing to do with having arthritis. DD
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    I sometimes get similar. I get worried but out it down to perhaps the side effects of my pain medication. Just a thought .....