My son is 2 with Jia Stills

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Hello my son has stills,
he has his good days and bad, He has just come out of hospital.
it is so hard not to let you child get any colds,flu,cough.and most important chicken pots.
i am trying my best he has had it for 3mths, and just got a cold ended up in hosp for 4 days.


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    I for got to say my son has stiff knees,neck,arm, you can not pick him up under his arm.
    and Temp of 41.8 on a bad day.
    he is on Methotrexate 6.25ml and Prednisone 5mg 2 a day.
    is anyone else takeing all of these med's.

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    Have you had a look at the 'living with arthritis' forum as there are people on there who have children suffering with this disease and who take those meds also. Might be worth asking there. Sorry that your son is suffering poor thing.
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    I am going to use a word that i may not be permitted to use..,....Diet...there i have said it...keep a food that diary write down what your son eats and not the contents on the label if out of a bottle, tin, or packet....You might just find there is a relalationship with what you feed him and his pain... If i can help in any way just leave a message...
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    Hello. I have a 10 yr old daughter who was diagnosed with JIA 14 months ago. She has oligoarthritis (however it has now been rediagnosed at extended oligoarthritis, or polyarthritis) She has had 3 lots of steroid joint injections under GA. She is taking 250mg of Naproxen twice a day (anti inflammatory) which isnt working on its own. Just been put on 15mg of Methotrexate weekly by tablets. Waiting for the side effects!
    Im so sorry to hear about your son and his pain. I believe my daughter had it for many years before diagnosis.
    After diagnosis I know how hard it is coming to terms with it. It might not seem like it to you now, but believe me you & your son will be at a different place once the arthritis is under control. I have learned that side effects are far far better than the pain and tears your child has every day. Also the fact that he was diagnosed at a young age is good. The earlier the diagnosis, the easier things become as they get older. Sorry, but I cant comment on the other drug that your son is on, but like I said a year from now things will be better im sure. Hold onto that on the bad days. It works for me. Good luck.